『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
15 September 2014 @ 10:23 pm
[ The first sound when the journal turns on is a rather disgruntled huff as a flash of rainbow feathers catches the camera. ]

Well, I'm back. I don't think I even want to know how long it's been. There's dust everywhere.

[ The disdainful voice sounds a good deal like Joshua, and the feathers and face both look like Joshua... but there's something off about it. The voice is higher than usual and there's a bit more volume and length to the hair.

Regardless, the speaker continues on like usual. ]

Is asking for a bowl of ramen a pointless endeavor? My captors weren't exactly generous and the store seems to be completely out of any form of instant noodles. Honestly, treating a lady like that...

[ Wait, lady? Why, in fact! Joshua does appear to be a good deal more feminine than even he usually is... ]

All that aside, there seems to be a lovely new addition to my journal. Tell me, do I need an antenna to make it work? Perhaps there's a remote lying around to change the channel? I can't imagine it's supposed to be showing static.

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『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
11 June 2014 @ 09:04 pm
[ For once, Joshua is broadcasting from outside. For anyone who wishes to track him down, he's not hard to find, simply sitting in the plaza. The sound of the fountain is just faintly picked up by the journal. ]

In a place like this with so much in flux, it isn't surprising, but still manages to somehow be unexpected. Like a next door neighbor who you didn't realize was moving away until there's a truck outside loaded up with boxes. It was just a part of the setting that you always expected to be there.

I suppose it's reasonable. When the last resident of a house leaves, everything that the entire group had goes with them. After all, the Malnosso don't seem fond of leaving loose ends around here. What's the difference between a room and an entire building?

Though I should probably make the announcement that it likely now falls on me to make. If you knew of a boy who called himself Beat, he appears to be no longer in Luceti.

[ And with him, the last piece of home Joshua had vanishes into thin air.

One thing that Joshua doesn't realize is that his death penalty is temporarily gone, so if anyone feels like showing up and making some music around him, it would probably freak him out quite a bit. ]
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
25 January 2014 @ 07:59 pm
[ Joshua can be found around the main area of the village as well as his house. He's mostly enjoying the crowds, but of course he's out of practice, so you might find him accidentally walking into you. ]

--Oops! When did you get there?

[ Repliku is just trying to go about his normal routine (training at the barracks followed by drawing time at the library) without being overwhelmed by the influx of people. ]

[ Saten is not going down there, thank you very much. She's sticking to rooftops these couple days, not wanting to deal with so many people being out and about.

Not to say she's not paying attention, of course. She has enemies (or allies) to keep an eye out for, and can be spotted scouring the crowds from up above pretty much the whole time, day or night. ]

E-excuse me!

[ Arietta, for her part, manages to make it about an hour in the village before she just outright flees to the forest. There's too many humans here now. 8( ]

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『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
01 January 2014 @ 09:28 pm
[ After some mistletoe-induced spilling of truths he'd rather have kept to himself, Joshua has paused his mischief making to ask his traditional new years slash birthday question to the village. ]

Do you think you look for different qualities in the friends you have here as compared to the friends you have back in your own world?
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
17 October 2013 @ 04:31 am
(( Backdated to yesterday ))

[ Normally Joshua would poll the audience on his anniversary, but this year, he gets a bit distracted. You see, a collection of spray paints has shown up in the store, so Joshua is taking the opportunity to make off with all of them.

Or, trying to. His bag sort of breaks, so at some point between the store and 39 you might find a spray paint can rolling towards you with a Joshua chasing after it. ]

Grab that for me...!

[ Alternatively later in the day you can find him adding another mural to the back of his house to accompany the ones to either side. As it slowly takes shape it reveals itself as a cityscape, viewed from a very high angle.

Four years. What he wouldn't give to be home right now... ]
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
10 October 2013 @ 04:24 pm

The Player )

The Character )

The Relationships )

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『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
10 October 2013 @ 04:24 pm
How's My Driving?

What do you think about how I play Joshua? Things you like, things you hate, things to improve on? Please give me a little more to work off of than "You suck, go die in a fire" as that tends not to help me actually improve my playing.

- Anon on
- IP logging off
- Comments unscreened by default, can be screened on request

And please tell me if I messed up and the settings are otherwise
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『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
09 October 2013 @ 02:59 am

The giant-ass post about headcanon )
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
09 October 2013 @ 02:08 am
Post for one-off threads with Joshua. Please include the date in the subject line.
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
07 May 2013 @ 09:29 am
New Feather season.

[ Joshua gives a frustrated sigh, and there's the sound of sipping as he takes a drink from a cup of coffee. Dammit, Hanekoma, your nervous habits have finally worn off on him two years after the fact. ]

If any of you were wondering, I've been gone for at least a week and a half. And if anyone cares to give me a date, I can give you a more precise duration than that.

[ Not that Joshua is too terribly fond of being in the village, but at least talking to people is good for taking his mind off of things. Being held captive by his lonesome gives him a little too much time to think, and being poked and prodded is almost preferable. As long as things never get as bad as they did his first kidnapping. He'd take a month of solitary confinement over that. ]

They tend to give us an experiment right before the New Feathers come, don't they? Cause or effect, which do you think? [ He takes another sip of coffee. ] And while I'm asking, what did I miss this time?
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
26 January 2013 @ 04:04 am

[ Joshua can be found wandering the village, or in his house if you're the intrusive sort. As weird as this is, it's actually comforting, since it feels very similar to Shibuya.

Repliku will be mostly trying to stick to the library or his house, since uh... wow there's a lot of people here and he is kind of not good with large groups.

Saten won't be found out in the village. She'll be sticking to inside of her apartment room during the day, or the roof of CH7 at night.

Arietta is just sort of overwhelmed. Even though she's seen large groups of people back home, seeing so many people in Luceti is really jarring, so she'll be wandering aimlessly. ]

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『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
01 January 2013 @ 07:14 pm
[ Another year has passed. Funny enough, doing requests for the elf kick-started Oosouji for Joshua, so for once he had it done on time. It's another empty new year in the house he once shared with the man he'd been closer to than anyone else. Another convenient excuse for a birthday. Nothing more.

He's almost convinced himself it doesn't hurt. ]

How has your time here changed you?
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
16 October 2012 @ 10:52 pm
[ It's windy, and it's cold, but Joshua has an anniversary to celebrate in his own quiet way and he's not going to let the weather stop him. His first stop is to swing by his old room, room 7 at Community Housing 5. It's still empty, but he's not surprised to find that both Hanekoma's graffiti and his own long-disabled traps have disappeared from the walls.

After that, he'll spend some time trying to spray paint one of the not-yet-painted walls of House 38. Of course, given that spray paint doesn't like cold temperatures and really doesn't like wind, that's going to produce a result that's about as neat and tidy as you'd expect. So after a little while wrestling with that, he'll head inside to make himself a cup of nostalgia coffee (not as good as Hanekoma's...) and sit down with his journal to warm up. ]

What was your first experiment here, and what did you think about it? [ He giggles. ] For me, I suppose an amusement park made for a rather gentle introduction. Does anyone else remember the Great Mysterio?
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
12 September 2012 @ 06:36 pm
[ The picture in the feed is a rather disgruntled Joshua, sopping wet and with a towel draped haphazardly on his head. ]

Let it never be said that the Malnosso are inhospitable. Of all the places to be left out in the rain, they deposited me on my very own roof. [ Dramatic sigh. ] The least they could have done was given me a ladder to get down.

Well then, who wants to let me know what I've missed?
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
16 July 2012 @ 11:22 pm
[ The 16th. July 16th. Six months minus one day after January 17th, one year minus one day after July 17th of the previous year, and one year and six months minus one day after the day he was made to be no longer an Angel. Hanekoma and Neku are both gone. Shiki has been here even longer than he has. Rhyme and Beat are both Players, far too fragile to rely on, far too distant to trust.

Tomorrow, he will probably die.

It's strange, in a way. He's never been afraid to die before. But he's caught up now in so much more than he was any of the previous times he was faced with death. This time, if he dies, there's no telling what will happen to Shibuya back home. And that's what he's afraid of.

This entry is public. This entry isn't anonymous. Maybe it's his way of saying goodbye for now. ]

Why are you afraid of death? Or, why aren't you afraid of death? Home, here, or both.

[ A few moments later, after drawing up a filter, he adds this to the message. ]

[ Filtered to Shiki Misaki: 100% ]

I have a favor to ask.
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
31 May 2012 @ 08:29 pm
[ Day 6 ]

[ Early morning (locked to Tsuzuki) ]

[ The best part of waking up in a body that isn't yours is finding out the company said body keeps when it sleeps. Which is why the first thing that Joshua notices, upon waking up in a place which is distinctly not House 38, is the other person in bed with him. ]

... I think I missed something.

[ And after that fun little interaction resolves itself, Joshua picks up the journal and reaches out to the person it might be a bit important to contact about this. ]

[ 100% filtered to Joshua and Hisoka because he isn't quite sure which is the necessary one in this sort of situation ]

I do hope that my body is over there with you.

[ Morning onwards, open ]

[ Joshua and Hisoka are wandering around town together. But to anyone who knows them, something seems odd... ]

It's rather hard to believe that you wouldn't have any way to make mental defenses.

If you want to figure it out while you're in there, be my guest.

[ Feel free to run into the two of them. Clearly they want to be bothered. At least I'm sure Hisoka does, since he isn't the one with the headache for once. ]
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
03 March 2012 @ 05:23 pm
[ While leaving out a mug of coffee, mostly-filled, might seem to be a weird thing to do in remembrance, regardless it's what Joshua does as he goes about cleaning the downstairs floor of his house, the space previously known as Kat's Kradle.

Without any real reason to keep more than the cooking area clean, he hadn't. Dust coats many of the tables and forms sometimes-impressive piles in the corners. Today, despite the rain, Joshua has the front door of House 38 wide open, and he can occasionally be seen sweeping piles of dirt outside.

It's rather cold, but Joshua doesn't seem to mind it. At least it's keeping him from working up a sweat. It's a bit late for a new year cleaning, but at least he's getting around to it at all, right?

Every so often he takes breaks to check on his journal, which he left the following question on earlier in the day: ]

How many of you learned things here that you're not looking forward to having to learn again when you go back to your own worlds? Your own death might be the obvious one, but I mean things like, say, some truth about your world, or friends, or family as well. Anything you'll need to find out again if you forget this place.
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
16 January 2012 @ 05:29 pm
[ Sometime in the early afternoon, the following question goes out over the journals. The camera is covered, and the handwriting is disguised. ]

Let's have a thought experiment. Say you were dying, and the only possible way to save yourself is to get help from someone very close to you. However, you don't know for sure that this help will indeed save you, and whether or not it does, there's a chance that it will damage the one helping you. Trying to help you might even kill them.

Do you ask for their help anyway? Would you accept their help if they offered it?

[ Later on in the evening, Joshua makes a separate post from the previous, this one voiced and not anonymous. ]

[ Filtered to Neku, 100% ]

Hey Neku, are you busy tomorrow?

[ /Filter ]
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
01 January 2012 @ 05:05 pm
I've gathered that some of you out there are rather old. I'd think if you were immortal, individual years would start to lose their meaning with time. So, what do you think constitutes a memorable birthday? Every ten years? Every one hundred? How old do you get before you stop taking notice of single years?
『桐生・義弥』 Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu
[ The camera is covered, but Joshua is making no real effort to disguise his handwriting. He's too upset for that. ]

What should you do if you're so homesick you honestly, truly cannot stand it?

[ A few minutes later, the following is added. ]

[ Locked to Haruhi - 100% ]

The friendship club might have to wait a bit longer.